describe the public health issue and population aggregate affected

Health Education Plan utilizing the Health Planning Model and the Nursing Process.
1. Assessment – briefly describe the public health issue and population aggregate affected (alcohol abuse in college students) include evidence to support your description and include a problem statement.
2. Plan – develop an overall program goal and at least 3 program objectives/activities planned to reach the goal. Described the activities related to the essential public health services and prevention level (primary, secondary, tertiary). Include support from evidence-based research (at least two studies) to support your proposed activities/objectives.
3. Intervention – describe how the activities will be implemented. Include relevant strategies to address literacy, culture, and learning needs for the target population.
4. Evaluation – describe how the health promotion goal will be evaluated and include one process (or formative) measure and one outcome (or summative) measure.

Review the “Checklist for Conducting an Evidence Review for Initiating Practice Change,” available in the textbook appendix. You should save this tool and use it throughout the development of the PICOT question, problem description, and literature review.
Begin the development of your PICOT question, using the following resources:
1. “Template for Asking PICOT Questions” available in the textbook appendix
2. Text readings
Formulate your PICOT question. Review the statements to see if the clinical issue is clearly defined and that all aspects are identified. Also refer to the “PICOT: Components of an Answerable, Searchable Question” table, located in chapter 2 of the text. If one PICOT statement has at least three feedback posts, move to another statement.

Textbook: Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and healthcare 2nd edition (MELNYK AND FINEOUT-OVERHOLT

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