DIA Airport Baggag

Properly planning and executing a project can mean the difference in success or failure and hundreds of millions of dollars in the balance sheet for an enterprise. Chapter 13 of the course textbook points out the Denver International Airport baggage system $560 million boondoggle cost overrun, which eventually led to the scrapping of the entire system, followed by a new replacement project.


Find a prime example of another “big loser” event where an enterprise suffered a similar catastrophic, financial disaster. State your suggestions for how the loss could have been lessened or even avoided?

Remember, one goal in the Discussion assignments is to create an atmosphere of interaction by posting meaningful responses that advance and expand the depth of the discussion. Do this by providing additional support to your peers’ initial and response posts, or if appropriate, by challenging them if you feel that the data that they presented is weak. Likewise, when a peer challenges the data in your posts, debate the issue, and providing further support for your points of view on the topic.

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