discuss the importance or the benefit of public health law in nursing

Retrieve the following full-text article from the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature or similar search database:
Guyker, W., Donnelly, K., Donnelly, J., Dunnam, M., Warner, G., Kittleson, J., … Meier, S. (2013). Dimensionality, reliability, and validity of the combat experiences scale.Military Medicine, 178, 377–384.
Review the article, focusing on the section that describes the testing of the instrument. Consider the following appraisal questions in your critical review of this research article:

1. The authors use a factor analysis to examine the instrument’s factor structure. Which type of validity is supported by this analysis?
2. What evidence is presented for internal validity of the instrument? Are the coefficients sufficient to conclude the instrument has internal reliability? Why or why not?
3. Describe the use of discriminant validity in the evaluation of this instrument.
4. Did all subjects react to the instrument similarly? Which events or characteristics might affect the generalizability of this instrument?
5. Under which conditions would you be comfortable using this instrument for data collection? Which evidence-based practice questions might this instrument help answer?

Topic relating to the importance or the benefit of public health law in nursing,
the differences between tort and criminal law in nursing field, and
the role of law and regulations in protecting the community.

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