How rapidly and where should Tiffany add stores?

Individual Case Analysis 1
1. Complete Experiential Exercise 4C, Step 1, on textbook page 124. Once you have found Table 4-4, complete the first 18 ratios and then 2 of your choice from the remaining growth ratios (this will equal the 20 required in the Assurance of Learning Exercise). It is required that you show your work. Use the financial documents on pages 29–31.

2. Complete Case 10: Tiffany & Co., Inc. on text page 446 in the case section, by answering the 3 questions on text page 454 (last page of the case, under the section heading “The Future”).
1. How rapidly and where should Tiffany add stores? Make sure to identify/analyze Tiffany’s current business strategy, what issues they are facing, and then make recommendations based on quality research that is actionable by the company leadership.
2. Is Tiffany an enduring luxury brand of unprecedented quality, or has the lower-priced Tiffany trinkets and online diamond retailers tarnished the Tiffany brand? Make sure to clearly identify Tiffany’s business problem, suggest a solution/strategy for Tiffany to move forward supported by research.
3. Can the Tiffany brand continue to fulfill the promise of the Blue Box, or is the Tiffany Blue Box just an overpriced, blue box? Analyze and interpret Tiffany’s current “Blue Box” situation and suggest solutions for Tiffany to employ to either sustain or regain the market share that is has lost due to competitors. Provide clear and coherent business strategies that are well supported, logically reliable and sustainable.

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