How would the spirit of Manifest Destiny

How would the spirit of Manifest Destiny guide the destiny of hundreds of Native American cultures on the Great Plain and West of the Great Plains?Please choose 1 Native American tribe residing within the continental United States (lower 48 states) at the time of westward expansion. Please post a discussion that will describe the impact of Westward Expansion upon the chosen Native culture of the Great Plains and western tribes. What Federal policies governed treatment of Native groups, and what issues gave rise to the Great Plain Wars? Make sure that ample historical records exist for the chosen tribe. Some tribes are not well-documented in the existing historical record.Use these 5 guidelines to format your response:Choose 1 Native American group. How was this tribe impacted by Westward Expansion?What Federal policies governed treatment of the chosen Native groups?Were there external factors which impacted Westward Expansion?Describe the tribes historical outcome, including major events and armed conflicts during and after westward expansion and what may have been important to the history of the tribe in the present day.Explain the history of at least 1 historical figure of the chosen tribe and events surrounding that individuals life.


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