Identified barriers/risks to the project

Project Management Life Cycle
School of Nursing
NSG 568 and 569
Project Management Life Cycle

The focus of the project life cycle assignment is to serve in the role as a project manager and utilize an interprofessional approach to develop an informatics project pertinent to the healthcare setting where you are conducting your practicum. The project does not need to be on a large scale. Many projects are designed as building blocks to a larger project. Determine a project based upon your professional interest and/or in collaboration with your preceptor.

Using course materials, develop a focused plan using the criteria provided. This project should be presented in a word table using a landscape format.

Initiation and planning will be provided in NSG 568, then execution and evaluation/closure will be NSG 569. Please use the same document and build during

the practicum courses. At the end of NSG 569 you will turn in this completed project with the combined work of NSG 568 and 569.

It is a possibility that you may not be able to implement your project in the healthcare organization. But you will fully develop a plan which is implementable and then for the evaluation and project closure phase you can outline your planned outcomes or what may have happened along the way which required reevaluation of the original design.

Please follow the criteria set forth below. APA format is not expected in this assignment.
Project Management Life Cycle Areas of Focus
Initiation Needs assessment-decision- making for the project
Organizational readiness
Team members
Detailed plan for monitoring by the project manager-areas to consider:
Goals (begin to plan for select key performance indicators)
Timeline/Gantt chart (can be placed as an appendix in the plan)
Resources required
Budget-can be a basic budget
Identified barriers/risks to the project
Execution/Performance Monitoring
Execute the plan-project manager and team
Monitor identified key areas to the project, examples- communication between the team, timeline, budget etc.
List of key performance indicators and source of data for analysis of outcomes
Evaluation/Project Closure Were project goals met? Include here outcomes of key performance indicators
What were your conclusions based upon?
Recommendations for improvement to project outcome

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