. Identify and describe the qualitative study methodology (ethnography, phenomenology, grounded theory, or case study).

Some of the most significant current information on patient care in nursing comes from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and articles. Within this category of information sources, we can further categorize the studies into qualitative and quantitative sources, each with their own set of methods and standards. Within each of these categories, nurses must be able to differentiate between sources of published data that are used to develop EBP.

For this assignment, choose a topic, an issue, or a phenomenon that informs nursing practice and that has been researched qualitatively. Select a nursing qualitative research article published in a peer-reviewed journal within the past 5 years on your chosen topic, issue, or phenomenon. Please view the presentation Search by Methodology (link given in the resources) to help you find an appropriate qualitative research article.

After selecting the article, complete the following:

1. Provide a comprehensive summary of the qualitative research study.
a. Describe the problem, purpose, and hypothesis of the study.
b. Identify and describe the qualitative study methodology (ethnography, phenomenology, grounded theory, or case study).
c. Describe the data collection, data analysis, and reporting procedures.

2. Critique the entire study.
a. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the study, providing specific examples to support your analysis.
b. Analyze the ethical implications of the study, including the effects on human subjects. Why are ethical standards important in research when applied to the patient care setting?

3. Analyze the significance of the problem studied for nursing practice.
a. Is the research study an appropriate source of information for informing patient care decision making? Explain your rationale.

Submit your 3–4-page critique of the selected article in the assignment area. Remember to cite your references using current APA style and formatting guidelines.

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