The team will choose a brand to study. The brand must have licensed products in several apparel or accessory

Brand Nane: TORY Burch

The team will choose a brand to study. The brand must have licensed products in several apparel or accessory categories. Students will prepare a written paper in which they include the following:

Students are to present their findings to their fellow students using a PowerPoint presentation.The presentation should be approximately 15-20 minutes in length. Advertising, catalogues, videos should also be used for the presentation. The paper should be approximately 5 pages double spaced, and should not exceed 5 pages.

  1. Total revenues of the mother brand /licensor for the most recent fiscal year.
  2. Identify all products currently licensed by the mother brand/licensor. Name the licensee making the product.
  3. Retail Distribution: Name the particular retailers that sell the mother product, and the licensed product. Comment on the visual presentation of the mother brand and the licensed product in the different retailers that you visit. You must document which retailers you visited, the date, and location. There should be at least one group visit to a major retailer. Photos of your visits should be included in your presentation.
  4. The identification of the common message that is evident across all products. This is the identification of the brand DNA. Identify the visual continuity of the brand across all products, those made in house, and those that are licensed. Identify the target customer of the brand
  5. A critique of the brand positioning of the mother brand (brand positioning map), and the licensed product (brand positioning map) you choose to critique. Critique the packaging of the brand, the presentation in store, the price point, the advertising/promotion of the brand, and the website presentation.
  6. Compare the positioning of one of the licensed products of the mother brand against one licensed product of a competitor in the same tier of distribution. Name the licensees of all products discussed.
  7. References must be cited in the body of the work. The students must critique the licensed product and give their point of view of why the licensee does, or does not convey the brand message. Evidence of critical thinking will be heavily weighted in the grading process. The rationale of how you arrived at your conclusions is important.

Proper grammar and spelling will be counted in the grading process, as well as the importance of the sources utilized.

The presentation will also be graded on the effectiveness of the presentation skills of the group.

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