Twitter Apology for Poor Service

With the heavy use of social media by our guests, it is important that we are able to respond in a timely manner but also within the constraints of the type of social media. One of these is within Twitter, which limits your text to 140 characters or less.

In this assignment, you will be apologizing to a guest complaint via Twitter in 140 characters or less. Your goal is to resolve the guest complaint and ensure that they will re-patronize your establishment.

With social media playing such a large roll in our industry today, it is important to understand how to communicate effectively within its constraints. As with Twitter, we have a limited amount of characters to apologize to guest complaints.

In the exercise below, you will need to respond to my guest complaint on Twitter and stay within their constraints.


Waited for over an hour for my table. Service was slow. Cold Food. #dontgo #badservice #badfood


In 140 characters or less you must respond to the guest complaint, resolve the issue, and ensure the guest will return.

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