Describe an ethical case

Ethical Care Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is an awareness of ethical health care and the application of
healthcare ethics within your practice, which will affect all disciplines involved whether directly
or indirectly. This assignment is not a nursing only discussion but involves all members of the
healthcare team (physicians, nurses, staff, administration, physical therapy, so forth). Do not give
a litany of discussion on each person involved but incorporate as appropriate.
The guidelines below are not to be answered as number one, number two, and so on. The
discussion should include your original thoughts with support of the literature, the book, and
other reputable sources. Do not fill the paper with quotes or cutting and pasting. Scholarly
writing is a requirement.
1. Choose one of the following suggested topics or use an ethical problem witnessed within
the workplace. Describe an ethical case (do not use actual names).
• Advance directives
• Surrogate decision making
• Refusal of treatment
• Conflicts with caregivers
• Foregoing life-sustaining treatment
• Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) orders
• Other issues perceived as ethical problems
2. Analyze the dilemma. This analysis illustrates how the dilemma affects health care (all
aspects), values of those involved (health care staff, patient, family), and principles that
are influenced. The discussion must include incorporation of an ethical theory from your
3. Evidence based literature is a requirement.
4. References must have been published in the last ten years unless approved by instructor.
Four of the references must be from journals (less than five years) and three from Internet
5. The paper must be four to five pages in length (excluding title page and reference page),
double-spaced, with at least six minimum APA-style references.
Rev: 10apr2015cfh

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